Next Generation Platform for Digital Business & Compliance

At Miscot, we understand that every business is unique. That's SwiftDOCS is a comprehensive enterprise platform that streamlines digital business and compliance processes with solutions such as a full-fledged Document Management System (DMS), Business Process Management (BPM) system, Customer Onboarding solution, and integrates well with digital channels such as eKYC, CKYC, and Digi Locker. It supports services for business continuity, such as Data Migration, Aadhaar Masking, and Digitisation. Compliance Solutions such as ADF, PFMS, Reconciliation, and CERSAI Charge Creation are offered with SwitftDOCS. It also provides archival and reporting solutions for Data Archival, MIS Reporting, Compliance Reporting, Analytics and AI.

SwiftDOCS Enables

  1. Offline/Online eKYC validation through UI and AP eKYC
  2. Aadhaar Masking and vaulting of data
  3. Demographic authentication
  4. CKYC data processing, uploading and reporting

SwiftDOCS Provides

  1. API for searching and downloading data from CERSAI
  2. Integration with Digi Locker for KYC validation and uploading critical documents by agencies or users
  3. API to validate VODs through alternate channels, including VODs such as electricity and phone bills, etc

Document Management System (DMS)

Document Management System (DMS) DMS module enables data capture
through scanners, mobiles, tablets, shared drives, and the
cloud. File transfers such as HTTPS, HTTP, FTP, and SFTP Read_More are supported. SwiftDOCS provides auto-categorization through AI,
manual categorization, and customized maker-checker workflows.
Auto Indexing using AI, ICR & OCR, Manual Indexing, QC, and
Maker – Checker & Customised Workflows are available. Search and
retrieval are supported for single and bulk documents. Access
rights and audit logs can also be retrieved.Read_Less

Business Process Management (BPM) System

As part of BPM, users can generate business forms dynamically
based on business requirements. User-friendly UI enables
designing multi-level workflows withoutRead_More coding, which are
tightly integrated with DMS.Detailed reports and dashboards,
along with advanced user management and user role management,
are accessible.Read_Less

Digital Onboarding Solutions

Various customer onboarding requirements are supported,
including Digital KYC, CKYC, eKYC, e-Signing, and Digi Locker
integration. Digital KYC offerings include AI-based
CategorisationRead_More to identify and categorize documents, detect face
and crop face; ICR/OCR-based Indexing to capture metadata and
perform content-based indexing; VOD Validations for documents
such as PAN, Aadhaar, Driving License, and Passport, etc.; as
well as auto-detection and masking of Aadhaar number or
specified information.Read_Less

VOD Authentication

As part of the digital onboarding solution for banks, SwiftDOCS enables VOD authentication through multiple government agencies and downloading data on successful authentication. Users can scan and upload imagesRead_More and input KYC data through flexible workflows. SwiftDOC’s built-in OCR/ICR engine extracts data from images and can compare the data extracted from images and downloaded from government agencies. Customer onboarding is completed once the data comparison passes the threshold.Read_Less

CKYC Processes

CKYC processes include integration, validation, standardisation,image processing, and CERSAI upload. SwiftDOCS has a micro-service-based architecture Read_More and supports APIs for search and download and real-time CKYC. Read_Less

eKYC Solutions

SwiftDOCS platform offers eKYC solutions, including ASA/AUA/KUA-based eKYC authentication through biometrics, OTP,and IRIS input. It provides options Read_More for offline eKYC & built-in Aadhaar Data Vault with tokenisation. Integration with various third-party applications is supported via SwiftDOCS eKYC API.Read_Less

Aadhaar-based eSigning

SwiftDOCS supports Aadhaar-based eSigning allowing users to input Aadhaar number and OTP to sign documents digitally. The digital signature management Read_More module is in-built, and users can upload and affix images of their signatures. Digi Locker integration permits users to upload and download documents and provides access to VODs and other KYC documents.Read_Less